Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get-a-Life Boy's Legion Stuff Part 1

Today we got off work early for snow, so I took some time to arrange my Legion stuff and take pictures for this blog. (Thomas helped a lot.) By "stuff" I mean "things that aren't comics." This isn't everything, but it's the stuff I have all in one place.

ABOVE: A long shot of most of my stuff. Close-ups follow.

ABOVE: Books. There's the 12 volumes of Legion Archives, a bunch of comic collections, two copies of The Legion Companion and, between them, the Mayfair Games modules and sourcebooks. Teenagers From the Future should be there too, but it's still downstairs.

ABOVE: These metal figures were among the first Legion realia. They would look a lot better if they were painted, but that requires a level of patience and hand-eye co-ordination that I lack. From left to right, they are: Blok, Sensor Girl, Wildfire, Dawnstar, Element Lad, Lightning Lord, the Emerald Empress, Tyr, the Persuader, and Mordru. Interesting lineup....

ABOVE: The Legion PVC figures came in their own clubhouse-shaped box. I like how the Colossal Boy figure is bigger than the others. To their left is Mordru and the Composite Superman, along with two plastic flight rings and a Legion membership card.

ABOVE: These pocket figures came in two-packs with the included backgrounds. There's also a Saturn Girl figure, but she is using her telepathy to prevent you from seeing her.

ABOVE: Heroclix. There's the boxed set above, and below are (left to right) Wildfire, Shadow Lass, Kid Quantum, M'Onel, Saturn Girl, Triad, Cosmic Boy, Live Wire, Shauvghn Erin, Brainiac 5 & Koko, Supergirl, Mono, Mordru, Persuader, and Emerald Empress. The boxed set is unusual because the figures are based on the animated LSH, but they are more realistic sculpts.

ABOVE: McDonald's toys based on the animated LSH. These are PVC figures in little book-like containers, each with a trading card. Top row, left to right: Brainiac 5, Lightning Lad, Validus, Tharok; Bottom row, left to right: Bouncing Boy, Timberwolf, Young Superman, Mano.

Apparently, it is impossible to get a complete set of Fatal Five figures in the same format.

ABOVE: Thomas made these Legion mice out of sculpey and paint as a present for me. Isn't he great?

Next entry: My action figures.



Anonymous said...

Love all your figurines. You must have been collecting for a long long time.

Anonymous said...

Correction or add on for you; to get a complete Fatal Five set check out Heroclix. V is in the giants set. the others are r-v and there are even gold rings as well.