Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week of 30 May 2012

I did not see any LSH content this week.

I tried.

Memo to DC: You could've sold me a copy of Ravagers #1, no matter how bad it is, if you'd only included a flashback to The Trainwreck Culling that showed the Legionnaires involved. Heck, I'd have bought it for one Legionnaire.

You know this. You sold me an issue of Super Friends with the Time Trapper in it. You sold me The Brave & the Bold #178 because it showed a freakin' Legion cruiser.  I bought an Aquaman comic because of one panel of someone who might have been Inferno. I once bought a Superboy comic because a character in a dream sequence wore a Legion belt. A belt, for Friv's sake!

You're willing to do every other crazy thing under the sun to sell comics...put Legionnaires in them. I'm stupid, I'll buy.

Other Interesting Stuff:

You might want to check out Image's new title America's Got Powers. Issue #2 came out this week. Super-powered teenagers, cute boys, a good story, an adorable main character who's trying to do his best is a hostile world, cute boys, very attractive art -- obviously, the influence of The Hunger Games has been good for comics. Between Morning Glories  and this, comics with lots of suspense and plenty of cute boys are everywhere. Get-a-Life Boy approves.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Week of 23 May 2012

LSH Content this week:

  • Teen Titans #9 (2012/07) - the sloppy conclusion of the messy Culling storyline (quick version: it stops)
Now available from and probably your local comic shop:
  • Legion Archives #13 - the long-awaited (13 9 years) next volume of Legion Archives
Also potentially of interest this week:
  • Astounding X-Men #50 (2012/07) - Northstar proposes to his boyfriend. Next issue (#51) is the big gay superhero wedding. When will superheroes learn: when you get married, dash down to City Hall and do it on your lunch hour. Big public weddings always result in disaster. Starfinger stole the bride. Garth and Imra's wedding caused That Damned Tabloid. Be like Gim and Yera: get married offstage.
In the news:
  • DC co-publisher Dan DiDio, who has been hinting for a year of the imminent appearance of a gay DC superhero, hinted this week at the imminent appearance of a gay DC superhero. He said that the superhero -- an established player in one of the series, originally introduced as straight -- will become "one of our most prominent gay characters." My money's on Lori Lemaris. [Sheesh, doesn't the guy realize that DC already has prominent gay superheroes? Vi and Ayla. Tel and his spouse, Jed. Doesn't he read the Legion?]

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Week of 17 May 2012

LSH content this week:

  • Legion of Super-Heroes #9 (2012/07)
No Legion connection, but possibly interesting:
  • Mystery in Space #1 (one-shot) (2012/07) - I don't know which week this came out, but I grabbed it this week so it's here. This is an 80-page Vertigo anthology of nine different stories in the spirit of the old Mystery in Space. Two of the stories have significant queer content: one is a sweet girl-girl love story, and the other features three cute guys in a relationship. There are various other cute boys  in this comic, including a couple of adorable centaurs.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Week of 9 May 2012

LSH Content this week:

Superboy #9 (2012/7) "the Culling Part 2: Lost Claws"

Legion Lost #9 (2012/7) "The Culling Part 3: Unbeatable"

Also do not miss:

Morning Glories #18 (2012/4) - if you like cute boys kissing & messing around, you definitely want this comic. (If you haven't been following Morning Glories, you should be...not only a great story, but the art is fantastic and the boys are very, very cute.)

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Week of 2 May 2012

LSH comics this week:

Teen Titans Annual #1 (2012/07) - "The Culling" Part 1

Potentially interesting:

Smallville #1(2012/07) - continuation of the TV series in comic form; Clark and Oliver are less cute than in person but still fairly hot.

World's Finest #1 (2012/07) - written by Paul Levitz


The multiverse is back in DC comics; this week saw the debut of the new Earth-2 and, in Action #9, Earth-23 and several others. What does this mean for the Legion? I think we can assume that the alternate Legions are all out there somewhere.

DC's new strategy looks like it can be summed up in two points.

  1. Have a new round of #1 issues at least twice a year
  2. Throw a million ideas at the wall and see what sticks
#1 reminds me of that old Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin is talking about the Stupendous Man comic, where every issue is #1. The strip ends with Hobbes saying, "Look at the great committee that did this one!"

#2 makes me think that the wall is already a mess and is only going to get messier. And who's going to clean it all up five years from now?