Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week of 25 April 2012

I did not see any Legion content in DC Comics this week.

Teen Titans #8 is a prelude to next month's The Culling crossover, which involves Legion Lost. It has some nice pictures of the new Bart mostly-naked.

Sorry I've Been Away

Get-A-Life Boy has been away for far too long, but he's struggling to get back.

First, it's been crazybusy around here

Second, falling off the once-a-week-Legion-post wagon is dangerous for an obsessive completist. The second week rolls around, and catching up is twice as hard. Then it's a month, and the backlog reaches "daunting" proportions. Two months, and one feels like Karate Kid fighting his way past those humanoid blobs that just split in two when you hit them. Soon, one might as well be Shrinking Violet trying to climb the Metro Tower while stuck at subatomic size.

Finally, there's a another Legion again. I was so hoping that the New-52 Legion would be identical to the Retro Legion, which was close-enough-for-government-work* to the Classic Legion.

Alas, no. DC has done it again, screwed with the Legion's backstory and messed things up. The just-concluded LSH: Secret Origin miniseries made it clear that the differences between New-52 and Retro Legions are substantial enough for me to call them two different alternates.

Ordinarily, I'm very much in favor of alternate Legions. But right now, I just don't have the time or energy for another alternate Legion. All the little iconic pictures, the details of membership and origins and powers and all that rot . . . .

So Get-A-Life Boy is re-evaluating his blog. As I see it, I've been trying to accomplish three missions here:
  1. Timely list Legion appearances, ideally weekly, to alert people to things they might have missed.
  2. Jaunty reviews, observations, and pronouncements from Get-A-Life Boy's own idiosyncratic viewpoint.
  3. References providing comic, date, story title, roll call, and cute boys for each Legion story.
These three missions don't have to take place at the same times. They don't even all have to appear in this blog. Let me tell you what I'm thinking, and then my (ahem) legions of fans can comment below.
  1. I'd like to continue trying to post a weekly list of LSH appearances. I'm thinking this would be the usual "Week of xxx" post, and I'll try to do it as soon as possible after I return from the comic store on Wednesdays.
  2. I want to keep doing reviews, observations, and snarky comments -- but they might not come in the same week the comic was released. I might also bunch 2 or 3 comics together, maybe an entire month, depending on how crazy things are. I see this kind of thing as less timely than the appearances list, but still worth doing as often as I can. I'm thinking I can title these posts "Bits of Legionnaire Business: (month/year)" or something similar.
  3. The reference stuff -- I don't really see this as being timely at all. Myself, I almost never look for this sort of thing for the past year...usually I want to know about anything from a few years ago to a few decades ago. I already have a site that does this sort of thing [yes, I know there's a decade-long hole in the middle, I'm working on it.] So I'm thinking I will continue to update that site when and as I can, and post notice and links to updates here.
So that's my current plan. What do y'all think?

(While you're thinking, I'm going to post this week's update. It won't take long.)

* Disclosure: In his day job, Get-A-Life Boy has a government job.