Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Get-a-Life Boy's Legion Stuff Part 3

Here's the rest of my Legion stuff.

ABOVE: My office wall is a big Legion display. It's kinda tight in there, so I can't really get far enough away for a good panorama. The Legion Wall is dominated by the big, long, 1980's-era "everybody who was ever in a Legion comic" poster. That poster was reprinted in one edition of the Great Darkness Saga trade paperback. The rest of the wall is taken up by trading cards and posters.

ABOVE: Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, Lightning Lad/Live Wire, Triad, Superboy, and the three-part "Great Darkness" card set.

ABOVE: Chameleon, Leviathan, Andromeda, Brainiac 5, Supoerboy, Ultra Boy/Emerald Dragon

ABOVE: Ultra Boy/Emerald Dragon, Shrinking Violet, Pulse, Inferno, Valor, Ferro, Computo

ABOVE: Dragonmage, XS, Kinetix, Glorith, and Vril Dox

ABOVE: This was another "everybody" poster, from the Earth-Zero Legion.

ABOVE: This poster came out when the Earth-Zero Legion met the Fatal Five.

ABOVE: This is a signed-and-numbered print by Chris Sprouse. Renfield got this for me as a present. It's cool.

ABOVE: DC put out these Legion membership cards as promotional items for the Earth-Zero Legion. There is a blank one in Part 1 of this series. This is the one I carry in my wallet. (Well, my alias is Get-a-Life Boy.)

NOT PICTURED: My Legion flight ring. It's gold-colored metal, and it comes in a box with a notice that this ring will not make you fly. Yeah, not with the inhibitor circuit that they installed. It's easy enough to defeat that circuit, though....

My Flight Ring served as my Vermont civil union ring in 2000. Thomas used a Star Wars ring.

ABOVE: And here's what started it all: the comics. The notebook is an index. Bagged and boarded, my Legion comics go into seven long comic boxes (I started a new box this year.)

How many boxes do your Legion comics take up?

ABOVE: First box thru 1974, second box 1975-1986.

ABOVE: Third box, 1986-1992, Fourth box 1992-1997.

ABOVE: Fifth box, 1997-2003, Sixth box 2003-2008, Seventh box 2009+

So how do you have your comics organized?

What cool Legion stuff do you have?

And what is on your wish-list for Legion goodies? Personally, I'd like to see many more action figures -- especially a complete Fatal Five. And some Legion cruisers would be nice. And, of course, there's that large-size anatomically-correct Mon-El figure, complete with Bob Cobb disguise including hairbrushes and sample case, and shared-bedroom-with-Kal playset....


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