Sunday, December 04, 2005


Welcome to my LSH blog.

I've been a Legion of Super-Heroes reader since 1966, and I have an obsessive LSH web page at I don't update the page as often as I'd like (lots of other things get in the way). So I figured that it might be a good idea to do a blog, and comment each month on Legion comics and whatnot.

As I said, I've been reading the Legion for nearly 40 years, and collecting for just about as long. My favorite version of the LSH was the Silver Age Legion; my favorite Legionnaire is Mon-El (actually it's hard to pick a favorite; these characters have been friends for most of my life). Among all the eras of the Legion, I think the one I liked best was the Paul Levitz Legion of 1984-1989.

I don't read a lot of comics besides the Legion, although I do try to keep up with Flash and (occasionally) Green Lantern. And of course, I've been following the Infinite Crisis and various lead-ins and spinoffs. I loved the Silver Age Superman and Superboy, and consider John Byrne's work to be desecration.

I guess that should do it for introductions. Now on to the Legion....

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