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Week of 4 July 2007

(SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers. Don't read it before you've read the comics.)

COUNTDOWN #43 (7/4/07)

No Legion appearances in this issue. Listed for the sake of continuity.


(Updated 9/7/2007)

I finally found a copy of this trade paperback. It reprints several stories with Legion appearances.

JIMMY OLSEN #72 (10/63)
"The World of Doomed Olsens"
ROLL CALL: Bouncing Boy, Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Colossal Boy, Fire Lad, Elastic Lad/Jimmy Olsen, Mon-El, Night Girl, Proty II, Polar Boy, Sun Boy, Saturn Girl, Star Boy, Shrinking Violet, Stone Boy, Sun Boy, Superman, Triplicate Girl

Members of the Legion put Jimmy Olsen through a super-initiation test and then make him an honorary member of the LSH.

BITS OF LEGIONNAIRE BUSINESS: This story marked the first appearance of Proty II, introduced as "a friend of" Proty I.


JIMMY OLSEN #77 (6/64)
"The Colossus of Metropolis"
ROLL CALL: The costumes of Colossal Boy, Star Boy, and Sun Boy

Jimmy uses a serum to become a giant; he wears Colossal Boy's costume.

BITS OF LEGIONNAIRE BUSINESS: This story also features one of the puppets from the Puppet Planetoid seen in ADVENTURE #313 and #316. Why Jimmy Olsen had it is a mystery.


JIMMY OLSEN #85 (6/65)
"The Adventures of Chameleon-Head Olsen"
ROLL CALL: Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Sun Boy, Saturn Girl, Star Boy

BITS OF LEGIONNAIRE BUSINESS: Chameleon Boy brought Jimmy to the 30th century and returned him in a time bubble. He gave Jimmy a serum that allowed Jimmy to duplicate his shape-changing powers.

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