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Week of 28 November 2007

(SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers. Don't read it before you've read the comics.)

COUNTDOWN #22 (11/28/07)
"Miracle Mile"

Once again, no Legion content -- unless you count a few Dominator corpses on the first two pages.


"Hammer to Fall"

There's no actual Legion content here, but this issue features the Daxamite Green Lantern Sodam Yat. Flashbacks show his life on Daxam, where everyone wears big Mon-El-type gold buttons and matching belt buckles.

BITS OF LEGIONNAIRE BUSINESS: The Daxamites call their red sun "Valor" -- which, of course, was Mon-El's superhero name at one point.


"The Quest for Cosmic Boy: Epilogue"
ROLL CALL: Atom Girl (cameo)), Brainiac 5, Chameleon (cameo), Cosmic Boy (cameo), Dream Girl, Evolvo-Lad, Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl (cameo), Saturn Girl, Shadow Lass (cameo), Supergirl, Star Boy, Sun Boy (cameo), Timber Wolf (cameo), Ultra Boy (cameo), Wildfire (cameo)

Supergirl returns to the 21t century, Brainiac 5's nefarious scheme is revealed, and Lightning Lad takes over as Leader.

The art is still awful, but next month we'll have a new artist...and the return of Jim Shooter. Hooray!

BITS OF LEGIONNAIRE BUSINESS: The cover pictures Cosmic Boy, Dream Girl, and Ultra Boy in action. Cosmic Boy and Ultra Boy appear in this issue only in cameos, and Dream Girl exclusively inhabits Brainiac 5's dreams.

Before sending Supergirl back to the 21st century, Evolvo Lad wipes her memories of the Legion.


"The Fall"

There is no actual Legion content, but on page 4 the Legion is mentioned. The Phantom Stranger, talking to Superman, says, "All futures are merely possibilities, to one standing in the past. They branch out -- utopian futures, disasters, futures of all shapes and kind. You have seen some of these futures. Your time with the Legion of Super-Heroes, for one. What future will actually come? That depends on what choices we make."

How this philosophy fits in with the restored multiverse, and what it means for the Legion, we can only guess. Does each Earth have its own sheaf of possible futures? There are several versions of the Legion in existence at the moment -- do they come from the future of different Earths, or are they different possible futures from a particular Earth?

This week's "DC Nation" text page (appearing in various comics) identifies 26 of the 52 Earths. Some of them can be identified with alternate versions of the Legion...and others can be ruled out.

Earth-2, home of the original Justice Society -- possibly also home of the "Glorithverse" Legion of LSH #6 - 61, the one with Laurel Gand, Lightning Boy, Reflecto, and Valor.

Earth-3, the Crime Syndicate's world, would seem to be the home of the "Legion of Super-Traitors" from SUPERBOY #117 (12/64) -- except in SUPERBOY #117, Superboy was a member of the Legion. Was there a Superboy on Earth 3? Did he live in Smallvile (with only three Ls)? Maybe he was the teenage version of the Crime Syndicate's Ultraman?

If not, is Earth-3 perhaps home of the evil Legion of Mordru and Glorith from LEGIONNAIRES #18 (9/94)?

Earth-13 is listed as "World of dark and arcane heroes." Could this be the Mordruverse from LSH #5 (3/90)? Or the home of the evil Legion of Mordru and Glorith?

Earth-22, the Kingdom Come universe. A Legion was pictured in one panel of KINGDOM COME -- that Legion was consistent with the Legionnaires/SW6 Legion from LSH #24 - 61 and LEGIONNAIRES #1 - 18 (1992-94). This Legion included Catspaw, Computo, and Dragonmage. In original continuity, the SW6 Legionnaires were "chronal dopplegangers" created by the Time Trapper...but might the Time Trapper have lifted them from Earth-22 instead?

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