Saturday, May 09, 2009

Week of 6 May 2009

I did not see any LSH content in DC comics this week.

However, Empyre Comics was having a gigantic $1-a-comic back issue sale, and I had an extra hour or so. Anyway, I picked up some of the more obscure LSH-related items on my wantlist/ For example, the four-issue SUPER POWERS miniseris from September thru December 1986. The sole LSH-related item was the appearance of Tyr (yes, the guy with the mohawk and weapon hand) as a villain.

How did the warlord of Tyrraz appear in 1986? A text page in issue #2, writeen in interview format, gave an answer of sorts:

"Yes, it does seem rather preplexing, doesn't it? But the answer is simple, really. First of all, in the 30th century time travel is akin to a trip on your subway. And secondly, if the price is right, I'll go anywhere."

I also picked up ACTION #665 (5/91) [one panel flashback showing Legionnaires and Dev-Em], SUPERMAN #65 (3/92) & #66 (4/92) [Valor in the "Panic in the Sky" storyline, THE POWER OF SHAZAM #43 (10/98) [one-panel flashback showing Thunder], and TALES OF THE LSH #340 (10/86), which was a reprint of a story that appeared a year earlier in Baxter format. At the time, I didn't buy many of the TALES comics, but now I figure they're worth picking up for the original cover art and lettercols...and, truth be told, because I am an insane completist).


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