Sunday, August 09, 2009

Week of August 5, 2009

I did not see any Legion content in DC Comics this week.

So I went back and read LEGION OF 3 WORLDS over again. It helped.

Here are some more thins I'd like to see for the Legion in the future:

  • Some new threats/villains. The Universe-Prime Legion was good at this: We had Lemnos, Robotica, and the invaders who were digitizing everything. Oh, I don't mind bringing back bad guys from old continuity -- but let's not do it too often, okay?

  • New Legionnaires. Yeah, everybody complains that the Legion's cast is too large already. Tough. It's the "Legion" of Super-Heroes, not the "Dozen or So" Super-Heroes.

  • Some clarification of what's part of Retro Legion continuity. Sensor Girl, Tellus, Quislet, and Polar Boy are all members: what about Magnetic Kid? Did he die in the Magic Wars? (In "Superman & the LSH," Supes mentioned the Magic Wars; apparently they are still part of continuity.) I presume that the whole "Death of Superboy" thing is out (or is it? Was there a Pocket Universe?)

  • What has happened to the Legion in the years between the Magic Wars and now? Yera has a career as Chameleon Girl. Night Girl joined the Legion. Val came back from the dead. What happened with Night Girl and Comsic Boy? Last time we saw they were a couple, but in L3W Cos seemed devoted to the Legion to the exclusion of personal relationships. What about the Ranzz Family: how are the twins, have there been any other kids? Have Jo and Tinya tied the knot? What else have we missed?

  • How do we stand with Superboy? Apparently Kal-El had a career in the 30th century as Superboy, while in the 20th "the Super Boy" was a suburban legend. One assumes that most of the previous Legion stories are essentially unchanged, except those that brought the Legion back to 20th century Smallville. There must be some way to save the "Mordru the Merciless" story....

  • What about Supergirl?

    I guess the bottom line is that I want to see a nice balance between history/nostalgia and innovation, between old and new, between character and plot, between relationships and great events. That's not too much to ask, is it?

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    Anonymous said...

    -What about Supergirl?-

    Christopher Bird over at had the right idea: Supergirl belongs in the Legion because, really; she's not doing anything else. I can say more about past versions of her than I can say about now, besides that I'm pretty sure she had some issues when she first showed up and she's just wandering around trying to figure herself out currently.