Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week of 9 September 2009

(SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers. Don't read it before you've read the comic.)

ADVENTURE #2/#505 (11/09)
"Superboy: The Boy of Steel Part Two"
ROLL CALL: Element Lad

Element Lad is masquerading as Superboy's chemistry teacher.

ADVENTURE #2/#505 (11/09)
"Long Live the Legion Part Two: Lightning Lad"
ROLL CALL: Colossal Boy, Cosmic Boy, Dawnstar, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Wildfire; Lightning Lord, Storm Boy

There are two covers for this sisue, same as last time. And same as last time, the one to get is the 1-in-10 variant cover, which has Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl on the cover (among others). Besides, the standard cover is a big spoiler for the Superboy story, giving away a panel that they spent four pages setting up.

In the Legion story, Garth travels to Takron-Galtos to see Mekt. After an emotional interchange, Mekt reveals that he thinks his parents lied to him: he actually has a twin, who was separated from him at birth. Garth sets out to Winath to start tracking down his lost brother.

A low-key but powerful story that shows Lightning Lad as more than a one-note hothead: there's real depth of character there. And the story shows how Mekt can still get inside Garth's head and mess with him. But at the same time, there is obviously still some kind of familial feeling between the Ranzz boys...for when Mekt needs help, he calls on Garth.

Good story. Looking forward to more.



Shadow Kid said...

I'm wondering if this is how they will resolve Validus' origins. We haven't seen Garth & Imra's twin boys yet, but I'm assuming they are still in-continuity? But Validus was part of Prime's LSV in LO3W, so there's a conundrum.

Brainy Pirate said...

Where is it made clear that Jan is the chem teacher -- I keep seeing this mentioned, but I didn't see it in the text itself. Help?

I like the LSH story, though I can't help wondering if Mekt is lying about his twin. But the artwork: when did he and Garth get so thick? Look at how massive their thighs are -- even their torsos are incredibly wide! (I also wish artist Clayton Henry had kept the "jacket and pants" style of costume that Gary Franks set up--I really liked how realistic Franks' costumes were.)

Meerkatdon said...

Shadow Kid, that's a bizarre thought. You're right, we don't know what's up with Garth & Imra's kids.

Do you suppose that, somehow, Mekt's missing twin somehow became Validus in place of Garridan (or Graym, I forget which one it was who became Validus)? That's a pretty kewl idea.

Brainy Pirate: As for the Jan-as-chem-teacher, if you look back at Adventure #1/504 it's pretty clear (although you're right, it doesn't quite appear in the text). Take a look at the chemistry teacher in the Superboy story, then look at the shot of Jan in the "preview" panels at the end of the Legion story. Same shirt, same hairstyle, in the 21st century with a chalkboard behind seems clear enough to me to call it that way.

Hmm, I think you're right about Garth and Mekt. I kept being distracted by what a good job the artist did on the facial expressions of the Ranzz brothers (and, I admit it, Garth's butt). Maybe it's an affectation, like when Impulse and everyone else had oversized feet....