Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Week of 13 January 2010

(SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers. Don't read it before you've read the comics.)

ACTION #885 (3/10)
"Divine Spark Part 3"
ROLL CALL: Mon-El, Sensor Girl (Wilcox)
CUTE BOYS: Chris Kent, Mon-El

I didn't quite notice this before, but Nightwing and Flamebird have strong Superman inspirations on their new costumes. The chest emblems on both are within the pentagonal S-shield, and they both have conventional S-emblems for belt buckles. Considering the relationship between Chris and Superman, as well as Thara and Supergirl, this seems quite fitting.

We find out that S.P. Officer Romundi is a Zod sleeper agent named Car-Vex, which sounds like that printout you're supposed to get when you buy a used car.


ACTION #885 (3/10)
"Captain Atom Chapter Seven"

Mon-El continues to act as a member of the Justice League as Captain Atom's dreary story continues. Anyone without an encyclopedic knowledge of the obscure history of the DC Universe(s) will be completely lost. When the Legion does this, it's gripping storytelling and intricate plotting; when anyone else does it, it's annoying incestuous crap. The moral? More Legion content makes any story better.


R.E.B.E.L.S. #12 (3/10)
"Secret Weapons"
ROLL CALL: Adam Strange, Amon Hakk, Bounder, Captain Comet, Ciji, Garv, Lyrl Dox, Rocky, Stealth (zombie), Strata, Tribulus, Vril Dox, Wildstar, Xylon
ROLL CALL (OMEGA MEN): Broot, Darkfire, Doc, Tigorr
CUTE BOYS: Adam Strange (maybe, if he took off that stupid helmet - plus his shirt for good measure), Captain Comet, Darkfire, Lyrl Dox

After a full year, R.E.B.E.L.S. has certainly lived up to its promise. Dox has put together a Legion-inspired team (I'm never sure whether to count Kanjar Ro or Despero as part of the team) and they've had an interesting, action-filled run so far. I hope it continues. Some interaction with the real Legion would be nice, and I gather that's coming with the "Brainiac and the Legion of Super-Heroes" storyline.


(edited 30 January 2010)

(no title)
ROLL CALL: not-Brainiac-5, not-Ferro-Lad, not-Lightning-Lad, not-Phantom-Girl, not-Saturn-Girl, not-Star-Boy, not-Sun-Boy, not-Superboy, not-Timber-Wolf, not-Tyr, not-Ultra-Boy

Some stuff happens. Things blow up. Some fighting, more explosions, more fighting, lots of angst, tons of menacing things looming over other things. On the planet Quar, not-Superboy is sitting in a chair, completely bored by what's going on.

I know just how he feels.


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