Friday, June 11, 2010

Disguised 21st Century Legionnaires

(SPOILER ALERT: This post contains spoilers. Don't read it before you've read the comics.)

Get-a-Life Boy did it so you don't have to: I sat down with two years worth of Superman Family comics to find the Legionnaires that were disguised in the 21st century. To recap, they were:

  • Chameleon Boy disguised as Science Police Supervisor Control (Rachel)
  • Matter-Eater Lad disguised as restauranteur Mitch
  • Quislet disguised as Science Police Hovercam MTSP02
  • Sensor Girl disguised as Science Police Officer Wilcox

I will update my own listings of the pertinent comics; others may want to do the same. Note: I omit appearances by any Legionnaires except those listed above, specifically Tellus, Mon-El, Una, and Karate Kid. They were obvious the first time around.

  • Superman 862 (1/09): Control (Rachel) [Cham]
  • Action 874 (3/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman 686 (5/09): Control [Cham], Hovercam MTSP02 [Quislet]
  • Superman 687 (6/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman 688 (7/09): Mitch [Tenzil], Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman 690 (9/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman Secret Files 2009 (10/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Action 880 (10/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Supergirl #44 (10/09): Control [Cham], Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman 692 (11/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman Annual #14 (2009): Mitch [Tenzil]
  • Superman 693 (12/09): Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman 694 (1/10): Control [Cham], Hovercam MTSP02 [Quislet], Mitch [Tenzil, Wilcox [Jeckie]
  • Superman 695 (2/10): Control [Cham], Wilcox [Jeckie]

One last word: Sometimes a storyline seems rotten when you read it one issue at a time over months; when you sit down and read the whole thing it one setting, it is better than you remember.

The whole New Krypton storyline is not one of those. It was just as awful this time around.


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