Friday, July 30, 2010

Week of 28 July 2010

 The only Legion content in DC Comics this week was the variant cover of Legion of Super Heroes #3. The actual comic came out last week; I don't know why there was a delay.

Meanwhile, I've been revamping my LSH Stories Index. I haven't touched these pages for too many years, and I've been having a wonderful time cleaning up the HTML code, verifying listings, adding some comics I forgot or didn't have at the time...and putting in the all-important but stupidly-petty pictures of Legionnaires and other characters. This has sent me to the scanner a million times to get pictures of minor characters, family members of Legionnaires, etc. (Yes, I have no life.)

Problem is, right now we have no Internet service at home (boo, Verizon). A summer storm knocked out our Verizon landline and DSL service earlier this week, and we can't even get an estimate for when it will be back up. So even though I'm doing a lot of work and making things look really, really pretty, I can't upload any of the changes until service is restored.

Stay tuned....


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Rob said...

Looking forward to seeing the updates when you get service again. Keep up the work.

As far as I'm concerned, I hope you never get a life! ;o)