Sunday, January 02, 2011

Week of 29 December 2010

I did not see any Legion content in DC Comics this week.

So I've been working on a chart of alternate Legions, of which I have 19 listed so far. (There are more to come -- both alternates and Legionnaires.) Take a look and see if you like it.

Meanwhile, this week Adventure #522 and possibly Superboy #3 (alien terrorists from the future).



Legion Lad said...

If you are including the Glorithverse, then the Mordruverse from V4 #5 should arguably be included but certainly the post crisis Legion (pocket universe Superboy/Mon-El/Pete Ross/Lana Lang and no Supergirl/Jimmy Olsen)is a different universe from pre Crisis.

The early adult Legion that still had original costumes and rocket clubhouse is also separate from the Shooter version.


5 Legion traitors Legion
Legion that Cham & proty visited
Legion of Dead Earth
Legion 1 million
Legion in Superman Batman 14-18
Legion in previous Supergirl volume where she married Superman

Krypton Girl Legion
Batman member adult Legion

Meerkatdon said...

Legion Lad:

Yes, yes, yes. And also

Superman Blue/Red Legion
All the alternates from LSH #300
Kingdom Come
Mxyzptlk V
Almeer-5 (Dead Earth)
Wildfire's 2 Legions (Dead Earth)
League of Superteens
Romo's Pack
Wild World
L.E.G.I.O.N. Archives
Logjam of Super-Heroes
League of Infinity
Sueprboy's Legion
Legions of Titanic Heroes (Dead Earth), Stupid Heroes, and Superfluous Heroes many others.

Like I said, "more to come."

I'm not sure I'm going to include every one of these on the chart. Some are trivial (i.e. the Mxyzptlk V Legion was identical to the original one, as were Superman Blue/Red, and Krypton Girl). Some have no direct counterparts to existing Legionnaires (i.e. who do Metallica and Avatar correspond to?).

In the chart (and I should add some explanatory text that no one will read), I'm attempting to illustrate differences in individual Legionnaires in the different Legions, not to exhaustively show all the different alternate Legions.

For more on the variety of alternate Legions, see my Alternate Legions page at (and once again, that page is incomplete...more to come!)

Rob said...

That's an amazing chart. Look forward to seeing further updates to it when you get the chance. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I looked and I noticed Jacques Foccart was missing his picture in the Animated Legion section. He appears in a group shot near the beginning of "Dark Victory, Part 1"; as do Chemical King and XS (who are also missing pics for that column).