Friday, June 15, 2012

Week of 13 June 2012

LSH Comics this week:

LEGION LOST #10 (2012/08)

For your convenience, here's a capsule review of every issue of the new Legion Lost series (including this one):

The lost Legionnaires blunder around for a while. They argue with each other. Timber Wolf smells something unusual, and is separated from the group. It is revealed that some of them are carrying secrets, but those secrets are not shared with anyone, including the reader. We are given hints of their mysterious real mission or missions.At least one Legionnaire does something totally out-of-character.

Someone else is chasing them, for reasons that aren't exactly clear. One or more Legionnaires are apprehended. A rescue attempt goes awry.

By the end of the story, the Legionnaires despair that they are stuck in the past.


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Madman2001 said...

Excellent encapsulation of every Legion Lost issue so far (although I did not read "The Culling" issues).

I was just thinking to myself that it's time to drop Legion Lost since it is so obviously not going anywhere. Issue #10, the latest, was just nothing -- no character development, no plot, no fights, no nothing!!