Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week of 13 March 2013

I did not see any Legion content this week.

Now that we're at one Legion title a month, a lot of weekly reports are going to start out that way. We can have seventy-five Batman titles a month, Justice Leagues all over the place, the entire Superman Family including adoptees and third cousins twice removed, and one comic for each one of the 3600 Green Lanterns (not to mention lanterns of red, yellow, blue, indigo, orange, pink, black, white, ecru, puce, vermilion, and the two colors Barsoomians have that we don't) -- but we get one Legion comic.

There's more than enough going on in the Legion universe to support multiple titles. For a start, how about these:
  • New Wanderers (the Legion formerly of Earth-247)
  • Heroes of Lallor 
  • Legion of Earth-Prime 
  • Legion Academy 
  • Legions of Many Worlds (a different alternate Legion in each issue, either existing ones or new)
  •  Science Police (Power Boy, Gravity Kid, Lamprey, Nightwing, Roon Dvron, Gigi Cusimano, Shvaughn Erin, etc. -- who couldn't make an exciting comic out of that lineup?) 
  • Legion of Substitute Heroes (about time someone portrayed them as heroes rather than fools) 
  • Sorcerer's World (you know Mysa is up to some amazing adventures with all kinds of magic-users - let's see them) 
  • Legion of Super-Villains (focus on individuals or small groups and show what they're up to in between getting together to menace the entire universe)
  • Legion: Untold Tales (there are lots of untold stories from the early Legion, like the Legion's first encounter with Mordru - let's see these interpreted through the retro/new52 lens the way Levitz did with Legion: Secret Origin) 
  • Legion Espionage Squad (come on, they deserve their own title, don't they?)

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more possibilities, but for now I could be satisfied with a dozen Legion titles a month.


Anonymous said...

1) Legion Spotlight - like the new teen titans spotlight in the 80s...spotlights different characters in the legion's universe(s).

2)Legion World - life aboard legion world starring Tenzil and Chuck *reboot*

Meerkatdon said...

Kevin, I like the way you think.

I particularly like the Legion World idea. This could be a fun series similar to Marvel's Damage Control -- the support squad for the LSH.