Saturday, April 11, 2009

Week of 1 April 2009

There was no Legion content in DC comics this week, unless Invisible Kid was in the crowd in the Flash Museum. But there were a couple of tangentially-related sightings.

In FLAHS: REBIRTH #1, Bart Allen is back. He says, "I came here from the future so that everything could go back to the way it used to be. Wally's the Flash and I'm Kid Flash." No surprise: we last saw Bart at the end of LEGON OF THREE WORLDS #3. The trip back from the future seems to have addled his brains a bit, and made him unaccountably hostile to Barry Allen. "The way it used to be"? There was a time when Bart didn't want to be called "Kid Flash," and he was somewhat hostile toward Wally West.

The biggest disappointment in FLASH: REBIRTH #1 (besides a difficult-to-follow plot) was the absence of Jenni (XS), or any mention of her. Okay, maybe there's a DC-wide blackout of possible LEGION OF THREE WORLDS spoilers. That fits into the ongoing DC goal of frustrating Legion fans at every turn....

At the end of JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA #25, they show the cover for the next issue..and there's Starman (Thom Kallor) over there on the left. Last I heard, Starman left the JSA to dig up graves. Whatever's going on, Legion completists will probably want to pick up JSA #26 next month.


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