Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week of 30 May 2012

I did not see any LSH content this week.

I tried.

Memo to DC: You could've sold me a copy of Ravagers #1, no matter how bad it is, if you'd only included a flashback to The Trainwreck Culling that showed the Legionnaires involved. Heck, I'd have bought it for one Legionnaire.

You know this. You sold me an issue of Super Friends with the Time Trapper in it. You sold me The Brave & the Bold #178 because it showed a freakin' Legion cruiser.  I bought an Aquaman comic because of one panel of someone who might have been Inferno. I once bought a Superboy comic because a character in a dream sequence wore a Legion belt. A belt, for Friv's sake!

You're willing to do every other crazy thing under the sun to sell comics...put Legionnaires in them. I'm stupid, I'll buy.

Other Interesting Stuff:

You might want to check out Image's new title America's Got Powers. Issue #2 came out this week. Super-powered teenagers, cute boys, a good story, an adorable main character who's trying to do his best is a hostile world, cute boys, very attractive art -- obviously, the influence of The Hunger Games has been good for comics. Between Morning Glories  and this, comics with lots of suspense and plenty of cute boys are everywhere. Get-a-Life Boy approves.

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Brainy Pirate said...

We're #2!! Power Boy and Gravity Kid are #2 in Newsarama's list of great LGBT Superheroes & Couples!