Thursday, May 03, 2012

Week of 2 May 2012

LSH comics this week:

Teen Titans Annual #1 (2012/07) - "The Culling" Part 1

Potentially interesting:

Smallville #1(2012/07) - continuation of the TV series in comic form; Clark and Oliver are less cute than in person but still fairly hot.

World's Finest #1 (2012/07) - written by Paul Levitz


The multiverse is back in DC comics; this week saw the debut of the new Earth-2 and, in Action #9, Earth-23 and several others. What does this mean for the Legion? I think we can assume that the alternate Legions are all out there somewhere.

DC's new strategy looks like it can be summed up in two points.

  1. Have a new round of #1 issues at least twice a year
  2. Throw a million ideas at the wall and see what sticks
#1 reminds me of that old Calvin & Hobbes strip where Calvin is talking about the Stupendous Man comic, where every issue is #1. The strip ends with Hobbes saying, "Look at the great committee that did this one!"

#2 makes me think that the wall is already a mess and is only going to get messier. And who's going to clean it all up five years from now?

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