Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who's This Mystery Woman?

At the end of Legion: Secret Origins #6, Triplicate Girl shows a slate of potential Legion candidates. This is set just prior to the Legion's recruitment of Superboy.

So who are these? The top row is easy: Star Boy, Superboy, and Shrinking Violet.

The boys in the bottom row are Brainy and (I presume) Sun Boy.

But who's the girl in the bottom row? She's not Phantom Girl, who was already a member at this time. There's not another dark-haired female Legionnaire until Shadow Lass (this ain't her) and then Dawnstar (also not her).

Night Girl, maybe? Laurel Kent? Life Lass? Yera in disguise? Supergirl in her secret identity? (Does Supergirl even have a secret identity any more?)

I'm baffled. Anyone?


Nate said...

Are you sure it's not Tinya? It's been a while since I read the miniseries, but I thought she was working with the Legion as a representative of Bgztl, not as a full fledged member (like Brainiac 5 was a representative of Colu).

Anonymous said...

Agree. thats how I read it.

eddie blake said...

could be mysa before she gets transformed into the hag...