Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week of 19 June 2013

One Legion comic this week: Legion of Super-Heroes 21 (2013/08).
The remaining Legionnaires gather on Earth for a showdown with the Fatal Five Three. Element Lad resists the temptation to turn the oxygen in the villains' bodies into chlorine; Shrinking Violet resists the temptation to shrink inside the Eye and shatter it like she did before; Harmonia doesn't release the power of the winds, water, and rock against them; Lightning Lass doesn't short out Tharok's circutry; Cosmic Boy doesn't toss them around by the iron in their hemoglobin; and Dream Girl flat out refuses to use her power at all.
Instead, the Legionnaires bravely fall down continuously and scowl at the Fatal Five Three.
At the end of the issue, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad show up...and somehow, it's a hopeful moment.
I have no doubt about Imra's ability to save the day. After all, she's the strongest telepath in the universe -- nothing with a mind can resist her. (As Universo once said to her, in fear, "The two most powerful beings in the universe -- you just looked at them, and they fell over.")
What really annoys me about this whole arc is how passive and whiny the Legionnaires have been. Yes, they've had bad things happen, and they're excused for being a bit demoralized...but honestly: Tinya fleeing to another dimension with the intention of never coming back? Dream Girl refusing to look into the future? Cosmic Boy doing nothing of consequence?
This isn't the Legion that defeated MordruDarkseid, the Leigon of Super-Villains, and the Time Trapper.
There's one last loose end, one that might be a red herring or a clue to the last issue. On page two, the following exchange takes place between Cos and Brainy:
Cos: Don't overthink it, yell for help.
Brainy: Obviously. The wuestion is from who...and where?
Cos: See if you can reach--
Brainy: As I said -- obviously...but maybe there's another possibility too -- before the quarks fade out again...
Who are they talking about? Garth and Imra, I suppose, are either "obviously" or "another possibility" -- but who's the other one?
When I read that, my frist thought was that Cos was going to say "Superman." But flashpoint barrier, time travel doesn't work, yadda yadda yadda.
So who else is there? XS? The Legions of the other Two Worlds? The Subs? ComputoMordru? The Infinite Man? Ronn Kar
I guess we'll see next issue.

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