Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Week of 10 July 2013

One Legion comic this week: Smallville Season Eleven #15 (2013/09).
Now this is a Legion that works. And this is a Superman who's noble and compassionate, a Superman you believe could inspire heroes for a thousand years.
And the Legion! Great costumes, characterization spot on, these are heroes who see a problem and jump into action, doing what they can. A Legion that uses teamwork to accomplish the impossible.
I'm ready to see the Legion spinoff from this title...all-digital, if necessary. There are so many stories to be told, so much to find out. They've got Kara (Supergirl) for the Superman connection; they've got ten seasons of tv continuity to draw on for new stories. I'm ready.

Oh, there's also new Young Avengers and the long-awaited sixth issue of America's Got Powers, both comics filled with cute boys.

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Mike Penick said...

While it isn't exactly Legion, both the Khund and the Durlans turn up in this weeks GREEN LANTERN CORPS.