Sunday, January 08, 2012

DC's Escape Hatch

So what is DC going to do in the unlikely event that they get tired of "the New 52"? They can't very well have "The-Last-One-Wasn't-So-Final-After-All Crisis," can they now?

I believe they've already built in an escape hatch for themselves. And it's on the cover of every one of their new comics: "The New 52."

What does "the new 52" mean? Of course, the name comes form the fact that DC launched 52 titles at once, defining a new DC universe. What are you, Get-a-Life Boy, stupid? Everyone knows what "the new 52" means.

Okay, now let's suppose that one of the new titles gets cancelled. If When that happens, are they going to change their line to "the new 51"? Of course not. What are you, Get-a-Life Boy, stupid? It'll remain "the new 52" no matter how many or how few titles there actually are.

So why 52? Why wasn't it "the new 42" or "the new 37" or "the new 106"? Okay, comics come out weekly and there are 52 weeks in a year...but why should that be significant? It's not like they're issuing one of these titles each week or something. Was DC so enamored of the weekly 52 series that they want to name their new universe after it?

And if when DC decides to restore some semblance of the old continuity, what happens? Do all the characters wake up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette and realize it was all a dream?

Here's where the escape hatch comes in. Any time they wish, DC can reveal that "the new 52" is actually the previously-unexplored Earth-52, created (somehow) by the events of Flashpoint. Badda-bing, badda-boom, they can keep the remaining "new 52" titles in print, and bring back the old versions of previous titles.

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