Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week of 17 October 2012

Legion comics this week:

Legion of Super-Heroes 13 (2012/12) in which Rokk gets injured, Grava gets scanned, Luornu gets pissed at Brainy, and Nura gets in a really good line.

Also comes the tiny, tiny notice that it's Legion Leader Election time again. No online voting, apparently: votes must be sent by snail mail to Legion Election, DC Comics, 1700 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 by November 16.

(For you younger folks, go to a place called "Post Office" and get a "postcard" -- use a "pen" or "pencil" to "handwrite" your vote one one side, then put the above address on the other and drop it in the "mailbox." The procedure isn't really hard -- go ahead and Google it.)

I'm very tempted to vote for Chemical Kid or even Glorith, just to cause trouble. But all right-thinking people will agree that Tinya deserves a turn as Leader. So please join me in spreading the word:

Phantom Girl for Leader!


dbutler16 said...

I agree. Tinya for leader! Speaking of, I love the picture on your home page, but I wish PG had her Cockrum "disco" outfit in.

Meerkatdon said...

Thanks! I always liked that outfit too. A lot of the Cockrum designs were superb.