Monday, October 08, 2012

Week of 3 October 2012

There was no Legion content this week. I had great hopes for the Futurama comic, but alas there was nothing.

Abnett and Lanning have been getting a lot of buzz about their new title The Hypernaturals. Various folks have said it has the feel of the Legion. Well, in the sense that it has a team of characters who all have different super-powers, I suppose that's true.

I wasn't a big fan of Abnett and Lanning's work on the Legion. I suspect that those who see all kinds of similarities between the LSH and The Hypernaturals are big fans. I think that colors their experience of the comic.

Anyway, this current issue (#4) was touted as a good jumping-on place for new readers (after only 3 issues, the comic needs a jumping-on place for new readers?! That's not "like the Legion" -- that's bad storytelling.) Read it, didn't care for it. Of course, everyone has their own opinion.

If you're looking for somewhat-cute boys with super-powers, take a look at a new title called Hero Worship. It's a little too violent for my taste, and the boys aren't that cute, and they have too many clothes on, and it's been hard to find issues at my comic shop. But it seems to be an interesting story and might be worth your time to track down.

Currently I'm bidding Way Too Much for a Charlie-Brown's-Christmas-Tree copy of Adventure 247 (it's graded 0.5, which I think means "major pieces of all the pages and covers are there somewhere"). Point is, I'm about to buy the Legion's first story yet again, this time paying way more than I ever have before. Wish me luck!

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