Monday, October 08, 2012

Week of 19 September 2012

Legion content this week:

Legion of Super-Heroes 0, 2012/11 - An early story of the New52 Legion, before Brainiac 5 was a member. Shows Brainy's curiosity almost destroying the world (for perhaps the first time), and gives a nice origin of Tharok that's kinda consistent with the classic Legion. [This is the second Legion of Super-Heroes #0, just proving that if a comic sticks around long enough, everything happens again. Mark my words, sooner or later there will be another Legion of Super-Heroes #1,000,000.]

Legion Lost Volume 1: Run From Tomorrow Trade Paperback - for (a) insane Legion completists, and (b) those six sick sad unfortunate individuals who just can't get enough of the New52 Legion Lost.

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